nail ideas

24 Mar

okay this is a one of a kind post i’m making since i love to do my nails and loads of girls do to i will post up nail ideas and nail helping videos to help you i wanted some people to know that i want everyones nails to start looking pretty i finished doing a design on my nails an hour ago. i’ll start putting videos on youtube to nail desgins to help you too here you go 😀

if you want long cute looking nails first you need to stop biting your nails try to do this challenge and you’ll see the difference i stopped biting my nails a week ago. and theres a nail polish you can buy that taste nasty if you put your nails in your mouth i need to look that up thought but i heard about it.

news paper nails design it easy

pokemon nails design

i give extra credits to cutepolish on youtube her designs are put easy. and extra credits goes to whoever put or took this picture

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