miss bimbo

4 Dec

as you all know miss bimbo made some really bad changes and bimbos are fighting to get the rules off so they wont buy bd as you say bimbo dallors some of the rules are as we say stupid. here are some rules.

So its obvious that we have thought clearly about everything and planned this with expert precision.

A few changes after listening to your suggestions:

1) Your boyfriends:
Time to emancipate those bimbos! You dont need no scrubs.

You will get:
The same BA

2) Your Jobs:
Salaries are updated. Please see the job centre.

3) Your lovely bodyguard. Cut him some slack for goodness sakes.
Only for level 31 and over
Gives 100 BA
Free/No cost

4) The level 30 House goal has been removed.

Coming up very soon:

a) Advent calendar – A bimbo goes skiing
b) Clothes uploading coming soon
c) plenty more surprises coming soon.

Support & Tech have been notified that there is a glitch with the boyfriends (not giving BA). —> FIXED!!!

miss bimbo ratings are going down but the creator of the site doesnt want to listen to their clients.

the boyfriend problem isnt fixed at all.


One Response to “miss bimbo”

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