2ne1 coming to america for sure

16 Nov

since 2ne1 won mtv Iggy for the best new band in the world, they will be coming to america. 2ne1 posted a video on YouTube at the end of the video cl said ” we’re coming new york”

on mtv Iggy website they mention that 2ne1 will come to new york in december 12 maybe this year or next year. 2ne1 promised us they will have a tour  in america as their message to american fans. so don’t worry they will come they are also my favorite band.for all you blackjacks around the world you made 2ne1 best new band in the world. if you dont know who the members of 2ne1 they are





TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THEIR MESSAGE  heres their YouTube video

2ne1 will finish their promotion in japan than will go back to Korea for the year awards-cermonies and then prepare for their album

pulse they are preparing to for their full length english album and korean album pulse jappeness album


One Response to “2ne1 coming to america for sure”

  1. Alex June 8, 2012 at 7:16 am #

    Um well hope we get to see than and
    Good luck girls

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