school fashion

10 Oct

now since its school time of the year why dont i put school fashion. here we go i know im sooo late i supposed to put that in back to school fashion but my computer werent working. lets work with the backpacks

 the next picture will be three ways to wear converse.

As you all know, Converse are really popular with teenagers and for today’s post, I am going to show you how to wear outfits with Converse and making them fashionable at the same time.

Outfit 1: Black Grunge


This look is inspired by the Black Converse and as soon as I thought of the word black, I immediately thought of Grunge. To start off this look, I chose a floral Maxi grunge dress because it goes really well with the Converse. A tip for you guys: Maxi dresses and Converse make a very trendy look. Next I accessorized this look with a round pendant and finally the leather jacket, which needs no explanation. Nothing says grunge without a leather biker jacket.


Outfit 2: Flirty Red

The colour red represents boldness and being flirty so for this outfit I chose a red and white Jersey dress as it goes well together with the Red Converse. Not only does it look flirty, but it looks rather cute as well. The Aviators I included adds a touch of coolness and the gold rims accentuates the colour red. To finish off the look, I added some red lipgloss to give you that pout you could use to pull off this look.


Outfit 3: Innocent White

This is my favourite out of all the 3 outfits. It is so simple yet girly at the same time, not to mention a typical girl-next-door look. This outfit is also perfect for school, which is why I added it to my Back To School fashion outfits.

The jeans and top were chosen to make the outfit look simple. I then added the blue cardigan and shoulder bag for that girly look and to add some colour to the apparel as well. Next, I picked out a heart-shaped locket to pull off the sweet-girl look.


Do you like these styles? Let me know what you guys think, leave a comment.

Its that time of that year again for rainy seasons. It’s such a hassle getting caught in the rain, drenched eventhough you have an umbrella with you! That is why this article is all about tips on how to survive rainy days, fashion wise of course. I am going to show you how to still look pretty and not let the weather get you down in this useful article on Tips for Rainy Days.


Tip #1: Waterproof Makeup

If you’re planning to wear makeup on a rainy day then waterproof makeup is the best way to go. Luckily for us, most makeup are waterproof nowadays: eyeliners, mascaras, even foundation so they are easy to find. These are great because then your makeup won’t wear off anytime soon unless you use a makeup remover of course.

Waterproof makeup is also great for school because then you don’t have to spend too much time touching up, if you are the type that wears makeup to school on a daily basis. Lastly, the reason why waterproof makeup is very helpful on rainy days is that it doesn’t allow your makeup to run down all over your face. Often when you wear normal makeup, it tends to smudge everywhere when water gets on it. Same thing with sweat as well. If you’re a sporty girl and do lots of sports, waterproof makeup is perfect for you as well.


Tip#2: Refrain from wearing moisturizers on both face and body.

Wearing moisturizers on rainy days makes you feel sticky and uncomfortable at times. If you however really need to apply it whether because your skin is very dry or for other reasons, apply it at night before you go to bed or after a shower. Your skin absorbs more moisturizer if you apply it straight after a shower. If you’re not the type of person who gets in the habit of applying moisturizer every night then invest in a moisturizing shower gel.

Tip#3: Umbrellas

Need I say more about this one? Okay just for the sake of this article I will 😛 Umbrella’s are kind of like your best friend when it comes to rainy days. Just rememeber to buy a reasonably big one that will prevent you from getting wet. Opt for a fun polka dotted one as a bonus, or these adorable mini dolls umbrella designs.


Tip#4: Wear shoes appropriate for rainy days

What I hate when it comes to rainy days is when my feet gets all mushy with rainwater so as a tip for you guys: wear something that prevents rain from getting to your feet and in your shoes.

First on the list are rainboots. The name tells it all, they’re perfect for rainy weather AND they are fashionable at the same time. The cool thing about rainboots is that they are loads of cute varieties to choose from, from striped colourful ones all the way to leopard prints.

Ankle boots are also great shoes for rainy weather as they cover your feet and they are more sophisticated that rainboots. Sneakers or Converse however serves the same purpose as ankle boots. The only difference is sneakers/Converse is more casual.


Tip#5: Tie your hair up


Personally, I always tie my hair up when its raining because I hate it when the rain gets caught in my hair. Also, for those of you who have greasy hair, its not a good thing exposing it to rainwater. A simple bun or ponytail would do, just to keep the hair together so it doesn’t stick to your face and your back.


Tip#6: Wear an outerwear

You should try to wear something that atleast covers your arms when its raining. Rain jackets are perfect for this as they are waterproof. Rain jackets doesn’t always mean panchos; there are fashionable rain jackets out there nowadays, like the yellow rain jacket up here. Its also made out of cotton so its light and perfect for summer rainy days.

Hoodies, cardigans and cloaks are also a good choice of outerwears for rainy days. With the cloak, you can wrap yourself up if you happened to get well and are feeling a little bit chilly.


Tip#7: Wear Bright Clothing/Accessories


A good tip for rainy days: Wear bright items. Not only does it look good and fun to do, it lifts your mood too on those grey miserable rainy days.

Can’t really elaborate more on this topic as it is pretty much straightforward but just a reminder: Don’t go overboard with the colours. A bright top with jeans and some funky accessories is good enough.


There you have it! My personal list on tips for rainy days. I hope you find this as useful as I do. Tell me what you think? Do you agree with my list or do you have anything else to add?

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