my laptop

4 Aug

OMG my laptop is getting on my freaking nerves ever since norton security finished and all my laptop has been going nuts when i had norton my laptop was okay like really okay and i just had my computer fixed like 2 months ago for 120 somthing dallors now i dont know what the people who fixed my laptop did to my laptop but i think i hve a viruse or something pulse school is almost starting i need my anyways we should of bought a computer not a laptop a desk top computer something like that i wasted $$$1,000$$$ dallors for a freaking laptop a desk top computer cost like $$$$700$$$$ dallors or more but for sure i should’ve bought a computer. i dont even know if you want to read about my laptop for now i took the battery out of the laptop and charged it with out the battery.this is a short blog i’ve ever written but if you have some tips make sure to comment thank you. :/

One Response to “my laptop”

  1. brittany brianna August 7, 2011 at 4:36 pm #

    well sometimes my computer gets on my nerves girl I will go on a internet and I go on a website and it starts another program with the website

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