omz you cant believe this!!!

28 Jul

so on summer camp (i didnt go to summer camp but my twin friends did) so my school went for a free trip at the shedd aquarium so what happened was a boy a four year old boy was in a group with like 4 girls and he was the only boy the person who was supposed to watch the kids was a girl that we make fun of at school cousin.  so anyways the boy got out of the group the girl cousin didnt know he got out of the group so i think the 4 year old boy wanted to see other stuff, so when the teachers checked who was here and who was not here on the bus (its very loud you cant hear shit on the bus) they didnt know the boy wasn’t on the bus and the teachers couldnt hear that well on the bus with loads of hard headed kids so the boy was left at the shedd aquarium  so when they arrived back at the school they checked again to see if everyone was here they didnt see the boy. so they searched the whole school and didnt find him let me tell you this is a true story idk if you heard or not so a teacher called the police saying they cant find the boy, the police was searching everywhere and first they didnt check the shedd aquarium but they did anyways like late at 4 or something idk when so they founded him and this story landed big like on abc7 at 6 and at 10 o’clock it was on tv they found the boy but our principle got fired and the desk lady that keeps like how much the parents owe ( its a private school) she got suspened but she still gets to work but not the principle thank GOD because the principle was a freaking lier o.o -_- she lied to everyone about their kids no one really liked her even the parents but thats like the cheapest private school in chicago thats why the parents let their kids stay their till 8th grade :/

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