little lairs!

24 Jul

i have now a real life friend on wordpress i told her to make a blog because  she wanted to make a website or blog on webstart i told her kindly to come on wordpress , her name is dianajuice or dianajuicy idk her blog is , anywho she decided to trash me on her first day i think she started yesterday saying oh how were alwayz an off and on friendship , let me tell you the truth let me tell you what she said

Written by dianajuice

so  have this friend named Laetitia (la-t-ci-ah)  me and her always fight as in argue and sometimes really fight.of course we have an off and on relationship but i still u got to love her as a person but a friend noo way she’s a psychopath. first we always we always fight and I so hate that she so stupid she tells me she doesnt like me so why does she talk to me i dont no.i always end up forgiving her and talking to her again when we fight maybe becuase im a nice person or just cause i like her as a friend.we always fight but we have alot in common i love emo ppl she does too we both love anime and drawling. i guess we re like best friends in a way!

let me tell you that is not true except the common thing, first her name is diana i told her not to put my name on their but she doesnt listen. she’s a pk ( paster kid) she’s the one who is crazy , i am not her friend im nothing to her we dont have a good friendship this is diana when she knows she did something wrong she will shrug her shoulders and say what did i do? you know diana is not loved at school she gets on everybodys nerves , she alwayz tell me you stupid laetitia because you dont have a scholarship like come on what the fuck is wrong with you i’ve been to that school for only a year (2010- 2011) of course i cant get a scholarship that fast, diana is the main one who start a fight in our group (ko knock out girls) she tries to boss us around like where her little pets. omq!!! like wtf is wrong with you diana she’s a fucking bully like even if we talk to her like right in her face telling her she’s annoying she be like well idc leave me alone although diana do got problems , were on summer break i want to just ugh!!! diana is talks alot thats the main problem about her, her mouth if you tell her a secret she will tell everyone i dont trust with any of my secrets because she got a mouth problem, oh diana loves to get attention she will not stop until she gets attention diana thinks she’s better than everyone in drawing and she’s better at everything let me tell you diana stfu okay i know your reading this i will post everything you do if you post things about me , and this is just something i post back for all half of the things you did because you trashed i dont like that okay so yeah bye!!! 😀

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