casety’s journy to nahia

21 Jul

okay hii i decided to write a story on my blog you know the title and stuff im still working on the introduction and stuff im half way their but here is the characters their will be more character on the way.

casety’s trainer – name: crystal age 19 trains casety when she come back from nahia, she trains casety to be the goddesse of love

anime girlcasety age: 15 but captured at the age of eight years old , doesnt know yet that she’s a powerful goddesse yet.

 the evil elf name: bomshia age: 25 the guy who captured casety evil and good at the time

 erica the fallen angle that casety’s father sent to bring her home to nahia, age: 22

 twinkle casety’s bff the cute angle pet that casety’s father also sent so casety wont be sad as she return to nahia.

so thats all of the character and there will be some more as you read more im working on all the chapters im still on introduction i just started yesterday so yeah thnx bye. 😀

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