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27 Nov

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27 Oct

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psy on today show

14 Sep

as you all may know psy is now gaining fame in the u.s with his song gangnam style. the song ranked number one on the youtube music chart with 168,311,738 views more than justin bieber. well psy has a contract with justin bieber’s music producer. well today september 14 2012 we had a little of psy on the today show with an encore proformance. if you don’t know who psy is well i’ll tell you

Park Jae-Sang is a South Korean rapper, better known by his stage name, Psy. He is popular for his humorous videos and stage performances, and has appeared on numerous television programs, including Good Sunday: X-Man and The Golden Fishery PSY.

psy came up with the horse dance because the idea came from horses.

jersey shore over?

31 Aug

it’s true jersey shore will be over after the last and finale season is finished season 6.


Former “Jersey Shore” cast member Angelina Pivarnick couldn’t be happier MTV pulled the plug on the show — telling TMZ, now that it’s finally over … her life might actually stop sucking.

In case you didn’t know, MTV announced the 6th season of “Jersey Shore” will be its last — and Angelina tells us, it couldn’t have happened soon enough.

“The show had a good run but now it’s time to move on and do other things. I’m relieved it’s over, but still sad over the way I was portrayed on the show.”

She adds, “Now that ‘Jersey Shore’ is done, hopefully one day down the road I can be looked at better.”

Angelina was booted from the cast after season 2 — and was pretty much a pariah while on the show … and outside the show too.

As for what she’s doing now — Angelina says she’s taking acting classes in New York.

Good luck with that.

tanning mom drunk

31 Aug

do you all remember tanning mom the mom that tanned her 3 year old daughter right/ well she’s back take a look.

Tanning Mom Patricia Krentcil could barely stay upright last night at a gay NYC nightclub — stumbling all over the place, laughing hysterically, flashing her panties … and it was all caught on tape.

Seriously, words can’t describe how wasted she was — in fact, the 44-year-old mother was so messed up … she had to be escorted off the stage because she kept trying to snatch the MC’s mic away.

It’s really awkward. The guy’s expression says it all.

Krentcil had been invited to the midtown XL Nightclub to host the weekly “Hot Mess” party — appropriately named — but her hosting duties were cut short because she was so out of it.

You’ll recall, Tanning Mom was charged with child endangerment earlier this year after allegedly bringing her daughter to a tanning salon. She pled not guilty.

Unfortunately, there’s no pleading out of this one.

prince harry las vegas?

24 Aug

the popular prince harry was seen in vegas partying but it got out of hands some one actully took a photo of prince harry and he was actully nude with a girl. he left and went back to england and some people are saying its an anvasion of his privacy.


0821_prince_harry_nude_naked_article_tmz_bottom_3Prince Harry realized he made a huge mistake by allowing girls with cameras into his Vegas hotel room Friday night — because just two days later in Sin City … he was INCREDIBLY camera shy, refusing to pose for any pics with fans.

TMZ spoke with one of the girls Harry was hanging out with at a pool party Sunday night — two days after the naked pics were taken — and when she asked him to pose with her and her friends, Harry politely refused, saying. “No photos please.”

It’s a big shift in behavior from Friday — when Harry invited several strange girls into his Vegas suite, and stripped naked in front of their cameras.

It didn’t end there either, Harry happily goofed around at Wet Republic the next day — probably the most photographed pool party in town.

But by Sunday night, Harry had grown tired of all the cameras.

As for his security … our source says Harry was SURROUNDED — in fact, she noticed at least 10 handlers around the pool. According to her, one of the security guards was even in the water with a waterproof cell phone (for aquatic emergencies).

But photos or no photos — our girl says Harry was really flirty … saying he was glad she made it to the pool party, and nodding to her bikini.

tips to pervent people to hack your computer

13 Apr

10) Comment Attacks

Comments are one of most prized features for blogs, and helps create a great relationship between the author and the reader, and also between readers in the wider community. It would also be easy for someone to insert HTML code that causes trouble.

You need to “validate” the form input before it’s accepted, to strip out all but the most basic HTML tags, for example and also if you’re using WordPress – you can utilize the “Keyword Filter” to block out any harsh words that might raise an issue or two.

9) Unsolicited Installation of Scripts

It can be dangerous to install third-party scripts and programs on your website unless you understand what they are actually doing. Even if you don’t fully understand the programming, you can read through the code and look for tell-tale signs such as references to third-party URLS.

You can also visit community forums such as SitePoint and DigitalPoint to ask around for better advice.

8) Avoid Scam/Spammy Websites

In a desperate attempt to get visitors you might consider try extensive viral marketing and other means of gaining the attention, this may cause a few people in the wrong community to raise a few eyebrows.

The last thing you need as a settled web-master is to cause a stir amongst the wrong people. Stay away from websites and especially forums that offer “information” or “get traffic quick” that uses illegal spam lists and such.

7) Clear the Cookies!

web_cookie2Personally, I use a lot of public computers to blog and do other online activities, maybe because it’s convenient or my unreliable ISP crashed on my once more. Inevitable there’s many, many webmasters like me that use public services for either a quick access or regular work.

Just don’t forget to clear out the cookies and cache before you leave! Even if the service provider claims “no tracking of privacy” or anything along those lines, a quick clean before you leave wouldn’t hurt anyone.

6) Prevent illegal farmers’ from “harvesting” your lists

Hacking techniques are used to “harvest” email addresses, which are then used by spammers and other hackers for malicious activities. If you are storing email data on your website, for what-ever required reason, make sure it’s stored in a secure format, such as a MySQL Database.

Most top-CMS such as WordPress and Joomla make this compulsory but there’s many self written CMS’s too. If your script simply writes data to a text called “emails.txt” it won’t be long before someone sniffs it out.

5) Make sure your files are using the correct CHMOD Permissions

chmodCHMOD File Permissions assign a specific value to every file/folder on your server, which allows different levels of access.

CHMOD Permission range from 000 (No access) to 777 (Full access), you must decide which files get what permissions, but be warned that some third party software require higher permissions to operate properly. You need to balance out features with security and make an informed decision.

Using a FTP you can change the permissions given to each file/folder on your server. This is vital to ensure any unauthorized access to your content is comprehensively denied.

Note – Make sure your CHMOD settings work with your current web-hosts. Some hosts prevent ’777′ for security reasons.

4) Don’t use Generic Usernames

Using common words for usernames such as “admin”, “administrator” or “Site Owner” can cause many implications because you are simply making the job of the hacker’s a lot easier. By using such common words for your username, you are incredibly increasing the success rate of the hacker by at least a few points of a percentage, which is consider a lot where only one answer can be right from an unlimited range of combinations.

3) Securing your Ports

To put in simple words, a “PORT” is used to access data from outside the server. It also utilized to transfer data both ways, into the server and also outgoing. Most of this activity is behind closed doors and happens automatically, and only trained professionals tend to play around with such details.

Nevertheless, ports are constantly opened & closed for easy-access, for programs such as a FTP (File Transfer Protocol). This can be favorable for any hackers attempting to access your sensitive files, so make sure any unwanted ports are ‘properly closed.’

2) Updated Security Patches

If your web hosting provider hasn’t already done so, you should check that all the latest security patches for various aspects of the service are properly installed. As you might know, WordPress (self-hosted) is one of the most popular Content Management Systems out there on the market.

It is used by millions- so it’s not surprising to see many hackers working day/night trying to hack it. Updates and patches are regularly released, so keep an eye out for all your plug-ins/core files.

1) Use Strong Passwords!

password_starThe number one technique you can possibly implement. Hackers are experts at programming computers to plough through huge amounts of data very quickly. That’s the reason longer passwords are more secure; the number of possible combinations grows exponentially with every extra character added.

Hackers employ a technique called “dictionary attack” where they repeatedly try username and password combinations by running through hundreds of common words, phrases, numbers and combination them till they get lucky. It’s important you use random strings like “j@m13s(!)” instead of perhaps “jamie123″

Lastly, this cannot be a ‘tip’ instead a complusory step in setting up your online community. Make sure your “.htaccess” and “.htpasswrd” is properly formatted with the secure CHMOD of 644. This is important and adds the best out-layer of protection for you and your visitors.

this is a reply to one of my commentor 😀 hope this help